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Teléfono: 23032610.
Página web: budwigcenter.com.
Especialidades: Centro oncológico, Service establishment.
Otros datos de interés: Se requiere una cita.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 24 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 4.4/5.

Ubicación de Budwig Center Clinic

El Budwig Center Clinic es un renombrado centro oncológico que ofrece servicios de atención médica especializados en el tratamiento del cáncer. Con sede en Málaga, España, esta clínica se ha destacado por su enfoque integrativo y personalizado en el manejo de esta enfermedad.

Ubicado en la Calle Séneca, 6, 29003 Málaga, el Budwig Center Clinic cuenta con un equipo multidisciplinario de profesionales altamente capacitados y comprometidos con brindar una atención de calidad a sus pacientes. Su teléfono de contacto es 23032610, y su página web oficial es budwigcenter.com.

Las principales especialidades del Budwig Center Clinic incluyen el tratamiento y la prevención del cáncer, así como la prestación de diversos servicios de salud complementarios. El centro se enorgullece de su enfoque individualizado y personalizado, que abarca tanto terapias convencionales como alternativas, siempre con el objetivo de mejorar la calidad de vida de los pacientes y fomentar su bienestar general.

Entre los diversos servicios que ofrece el Budwig Center Clinic, se encuentran:

Consultas médicas especializadas en oncología
Tratamientos de quimioterapia y radioterapia
Inmunoterapia y terapias biológicas
Terapias complementarias, como la acupuntura, la wholetónica y la terapia neural
Programas de nutrición y estilo de vida saludable
Apoyo emocional y psicológico

Es importante tener en cuenta que, dado el enfoque personalizado del centro, se requiere una cita previa para recibir atención médica. Esta medida garantiza que cada paciente reciba la atención y el tiempo adecuados durante su visita, lo que contribuye a una experiencia más satisfactoria y efectiva.

Las opiniones de los pacientes y sus familias son esenciales para el Budwig Center Clinic. Con un total de 24 reseñas en Google My Business, el centro ha logrado una calificación promedio de 4.4/5, lo que demuestra su compromiso con la prestación de atención médica de alta calidad y su éxito en el logro de resultados positivos para sus pacientes.

Opiniones de Budwig Center Clinic

Budwig Center Clinic -
Si se Puede Crear Vida con el Método DEKE (Reme Barbera)

El trato la familiaridad y esa profesionalidad para ayudar a las personas que te hace sentir como en casa. Gracias

Budwig Center Clinic -
Mari M

Dr. Robin Jenkins, gracias por atención y ayuda! Ellos tienen productos naturales.

Budwig Center Clinic -
Roman Barczyk

léčba byla od začátku k ničemu a nepřesvědčivá! jako nekvalifikovaný lékař! Každý lékař by viděl, že se pacientovi den ode dne zhoršuje! Vyhozené peníze! Žádné doporučení! naše 11letá dcera krátce nato zemřela :(.

Budwig Center Clinic -
Sabrina Carabott

Budwig Center in Spain is a professional place to get holistic help for 'incurable' diseases. I went there for my Ovarian cancer last January 2017. Dr. Llyod is highly professional. He replied to me on the same day on a Sunday and that made me more attracted to choosing this clinic. I want support and people I can confide in. I took the 2 week treatment. I did lots of treatments to detox and strengthen my immune system. After doing the the full body and local hyperthermia my body started producing ascites. Dr.Llyod assured me that its normal and i might have it. I wasnt sure i did at that time. Back in Malta I could'nt start the remedies as i had nausea and pain as my belly was growing.. i had to admit myself in general hospital of Malta and when they allowed me to take the pipe attached to my belly at home i started eating and recuperating and started taking the remedies. Doctors told me that i will never get rid of ascites... i kept taking the remedies and now ive been taking them for almost 2 weeks. the water retention decreased almost to nothing and in hospital they removed the pipe. im sure that the remedies worked. I also wrote a record so i keep track of what im taking. Everytime i email them they reply promptly and they give me attention. Will be going again soon. They are all nice and professional. The journey i long but with persistence and patience and with their help I will manage to get this body into balance.

Budwig Center Clinic -
Bruce Braithwaite

I am extremely grateful have found a treatment philosophy at the Budwig Center in Torremolinos, which is alternative to that which currently available through the conventional medical industry, and which dovetails with my own personal beliefs around health and wellbeing.
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I recently underwent two weeks of treatments, education, caring and assistance, provided to me by the amazing Budwig Center team in my personal time of need.
I found the entire treatment experience special – the treatments provided to me were uplifting, well researched, personalized for me and my situation, and most importantly provided with love and purpose. The amazing team there were all so professional, passionate, and encouraging, providing an ideal environment for healing.
At the end of my two weeks at the clinic, not only did I feel so much better, I also felt confident that I had the foundation and the tools necessary to further promote my internal healing mechanisms – all with the knowledge and assurance that the Budwig team remain committed to my healing.
These people are doing Gods work, I will be forever grateful for the experience and time spent with them.

Budwig Center Clinic -
Samoila Corina

I received prompt, professional and compassionate replies when corresponding by email. At the clinic we found a team of extremely friendly warm people that treated seriously each case. Treatment was personalized and effects have started to appear immediately especially after sessions of bio-energetic restoration and biomagnetic pair. I returned home full of optimism and hope that everything will work out. My treatment continues with natural medicines. Thanks to all from the clinic that know how to give hope of life to sick people

Budwig Center Clinic -
Belinda Watson

I enjoyed an amazing cranial massage session today at the Budwig Centre Malaga with Toni, she is an amazing therapist, and so professional and caring. The quality and standard of her technique is excellent, and I look forward to future therapy sessions with her, and hopefully to try the hot mineral & oil massage! Thankyou Toni & to the Budwig Centre for offering such a great range of relaxation & therapeutic therapys, they are so beneficial & supportive to our healing journeys, and I feel so lucky to have access to such a high standard of care with you.
Best Wishes, Belinda Watson, UK.

Budwig Center Clinic -
Vintage Turntables Turntablesa

I met Dr Jenkins in 2009 in Malaga after loosing my mother, to Cancer. HE carefully explained the risks, causes and introduced me to a level of Knowledge that none of the specialists and oncologists we consulted through 4 cancer deaths in my family, yes I was at risk it was "in the family" and all died at the hands of oncologists. In 2012 at the age of 52 i was diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer, throat cancer from acid reflux and told tha chemo was my alternative and only hope. I turned to the Budwig Protocols and most of the other modalites used by Dr Jenkins at the Budwig center and in 2019 I live to tell the amazing story of a Protocol th WORKS, I bears the scars of burst lymph glands and they are a reminder that we can overcome cancer NATURALLY. Thanks Dr Jenkins for your tireless dedication to health