Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas

Dirección: 8623 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79907.
Teléfono: 58814155.
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Especialidades: Clínica ambulatoria, Médico de familia.
Otros datos de interés: Ofrece asistencia en otros idiomas, Entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Estacionamiento accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitarios accesibles para personas en silla de ruedas, Sanitario, Acepta pacientes nuevos, Se recomienda concertar cita.
Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 32 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 3.4/5.

Ubicación de Kingsway Medical Center

Kingsway Medical Center 8623 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79907

Horario de Kingsway Medical Center

  • Lunes: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Martes: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Miércoles: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Jueves: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Viernes: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Sábado: Cerrado
  • Domingo: Cerrado

Kingsway Medical Center es una clínica ambulatoria que destaca por su compromiso con la atención de calidad y la comodidad de sus pacientes. Ubicada en el corazón de El Paso, Texas, en la dirección 8623 N Loop Dr, El Paso, TX 79907., esta clínica es fácilmente accesible para los residentes de la zona y ofrece estacionamiento y sanitarios adaptados para personas en silla de ruedas.

Una de las características más notables de Kingsway Medical Center es su enfoque en la atención al paciente. El personal de la clínica está capacitado para brindar asistencia en otros idiomas, lo que facilita la comunicación y garantiza una mejor comprensión de las necesidades y preocupaciones de cada persona. Además, la clínica cuenta con una entrada accesible para personas en silla de ruedas, lo que la hace una opción ideal para aquellos con movilidad limitada.

En cuanto a la atención médica, Kingsway Medical Center se especializa en medicina de familia, proporcionando una atención integral y personalizada a pacientes de todas las edades. El equipo médico está altamente capacitado y dedicado a brindar un servicio de calidad, lo que se refleja en las opiniones de los pacientes. Según Google My Business, Kingsway Medical Center tiene un total de 32 valoraciones y una opinión media de 3.4/5.

Si estás buscando una clínica médica confiable y cómoda en El Paso, Texas, Kingsway Medical Center podría ser la opción perfecta para ti. La clínica acepta pacientes nuevos y recomienda concertar una cita previa para garantizar una atención oportuna y eficiente. Además, ofrecen una variedad de servicios y especialidades, lo que permite a los pacientes recibir una atención completa y coordinada.

Opiniones de Kingsway Medical Center

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
Alex Hernández

This is the worst place for DOT Physical Everything was fine. Blood pressure perfect 20/20 in my eyes, blood sugar perfect, squats perfect, touching my toes without bending my knees effortlessly perfect. but the "magnificent"Doctor, It occurs to him to measure my neck and say that I have trouble breathing while sleeping. Insane. Do not go.


Look! You do not threaten me because the first thing you should have is a properly trained staff to do a serious examination. I have never broken the law nor have I asked you to break it, don't be a slanderer and dishonest. I had to tell you to measure my neck again and you yourself accepted that the previous measurement taken by another girl was wrong with a difference of 1.5 inches, according to you because I did not I saw the tape measure when it was on my neck. The other opinions I will tell those people to delete it, out of respect for them, not for you. My opinion will stand because my opinion is that you do not have a staff that inspires me confidence and I as a free citizen of the United States, I have the right to go where I want and express my opinion of a place or a bad service provided.

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas

Outstanding. Veteran sent here by the VA and thank the lord for it

Allow me to speak to the negative reviews on here.

1. If you're getting a DOT exam, having your neck measured is part of making sure you don't have sleep apnea and fall asleep on the road. Killing people don't blame the doctor because of your health decisions.

2. Trying to get the medical office to cover your medical exam for citizenship as your wellness appointment and then getting upset when they tell you. It's not possible isn't exactlyfair.

3. Who waits for the whole year to start rattling cages about a test result they have paid for and not got. If it was that important and you paid for it? Why way too long?


Staff 10/10
Dr. 10/10
Facility 10/10

The Staff was superb both on the phone before and in person. I watched them be patient with special needs patients.

I watched them help those struggling w English.

The facilities where much cleaner then any VA facility

Most importantly the Dr. He listened went over every result and medication. Made a health plan.

I've prayed for this kind of Dr.

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
Nancy Rosales

I’ve been a patient of this office for years now and the costumer service and patient care I have received from this place has been exceptional since day one. Dr Adedeji and his PA’s are wonderful and listen to my concerns.
Girls in the front are always friendly and helpful.

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
MacD BbD

We can’t recommend this clinic. We’re new to El Paso and my wife had made an appointment with this clinic for her annual preventative health checkup, as Kingsway was possibly going to be her new PCP. When we arrived for her appointment, we were told that she would not be able to receive her annual checkup until after she had visited the clinic twice (not covered by our insurance) to be established as a new patient. Then and only after two visits, would we be able to use our insurance for her annual preventative health checkup. We’re going to find another PCP.

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
Raul Macias

Staff was to busy texting on the phone to take care for my next appointment. Olso they took a test for my blood sugar and never got to see my results.walked a way empty handed. Not going there any more. I will change doctors next month on September.

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
Jose Abrego

They close @3:30 not five don’t bother trying to get a dot exam at 3:20 cause they’ll deny you saw them leave at 3:30

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
oni o

Does anyone even work here anymore? I haven't been able to get test results since November 2020. It is now 2021. I paid in full at the time of service, now I want my results. My schedule doesn't allow me to schedule appointments weeks in advance for this. When someone does choose to answer the phone, they say hello and drop the call. This was my first time going to Kingsway Medical and they seem incredibly sketchy based on my experience. Truly awful service.

Kingsway Medical Center - El Paso, Texas
Roberto Diaz

The staff has taken 2 weeks to get back to me on my medication. All I'm told is that someone will call me back and 1 week after and I'm still waiting, usually after 4 pm it's hard to get a hold of someone just answering machines that say messages are checked 3 times a day but never do return your call. I would not recommend for anyone looking for a new Dr. Office